Guest Blog: My Experience with the Jetpack

Today’s guest blog is from David Johnson.

I was taking my family to the beach last summer, and I thought “how can I make this a different experience? What can I do that will be unusual?” That’s when I found out about the jetpack adventures. I booked a day of Jetpack experiences for myself, my wife, and my two teenage boys.

When we got to the beach where the instructor was, we were immediately impressed by how nice he was to all of us. My wife was a little bit nervous, but he did a good job of reassuring her that she would be totally fine. The instructor had a bottle of water for all of us, and he did a great job of assuring us that we would be totally safe.

I let my two teenage boys go first, and they were so excited. They were screaming and yelling, and when they were done, they immediately wanted to go again. I went next, and it was one of the most fun times I ever had. Using the jetpack really felt like flying. I felt so free, and it was just the perfect thing to do on vacation.

My wife was still scared at this point, and she almost didn’t do it. My sons, the instructor, and myself all gave her a pep talk, telling her it was okay if she didn’t want to go but that she should really face her fears. Once she did it, we promised her she would love it and feel so great that she did it.

She took a deep breath and stood up. We were all psyched. After she went, she told me it was so much more fun than she ever expected.

The Jetpack experience was amazing. It was an incredible activity for my family and I to explore together, and we will definitely be trying more experiences with Everglades Jetpack Adventures next year!